Our Organic King Coconut Water is purely extracted from the orange King Coconut, which is well-known for its refreshing and cooling nature. It has been used in ancient Sri Lankan Ayurveda for centuries and is considered one of the most nutritious natural drinks.


It Has a transparent appearance with a slight mist.


RTD beverage / Great Healthy Thirst Quencher.
As a sports Energy Drink.
Healthy Low Calorie alternative or combine with Fruit Juices and Sodas.

Shelf Life

09 months from the date of Manufacture under recommended storage conditions.

Without worrying about sugar levels or calories, Our organic coconut beverage products can use as a refreshing drink. Not like other soft drinks, it is a healthy and natural energizer. Sri Lankan King Coconut (Thembili) is considered one of nature’s miracles, a variety of coconut native to Sri Lanka. It is a perfectly matching refreshing drink for tropical weather conditions. King Coconut Water rich in vitamin C and amino-acid composition reflect the normality of fluidity of the bloodstream

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